Who we are ?

We are a company that has been spreading the benefits of properly treated seawater for many years.

Our origins date back to 1994, when the director of Laboratorios Aquon, Miguel Manzano, began working in a family business, explaining the therapeutic uses of seawater. He carries out medical visits, training of health professionals and seminars throughout Spain.

The Aquon project began in 2005, in another well-known laboratory in Alicante.  It is at this time that the brand name and current design of our containers are chosen and registered. We were the first to develop a hexagonal structured seawater, a method that gives seawater beneficial properties.

This passion for making the benefits of seawater known made it possible for him to set up his own company in 2012 to distribute his specialities Aquon Hyper and Aquon Iso.

In 2015 an important step was taken that has marked the company’s history. The company decided to change the format of the glass ampoules to the current stick. Lighter, easier to open, no breaks or cuts and you can carry it around with you when you play sport. It was the format that sportsmen and women were waiting for.


Surely you are tired of trying many mineral supplements to finish your competitions and you are not satisfied with yourself.  Advice from colleagues, advertising, recommendations from shop owners have made you use many products, some natural and others not so much.

Aquon Hyper, 100% pure, micro-filtered and structured seawater, provides you with the right mineral supplement so you can regain all the electrolytes you lose during your training and races. We know that being hydrated is the basis for reaching the finish line. Don’t take the risk it. It’s not enough to take salt tablets. The seawater formula provides you, immediately, with all the electrolytes your body needs and that you are eliminating through sweat. It is quickly absorbed and you can avoid the dreaded cramps. Of course,  you should not lack water! You should drink small amounts, even if you are not thirsty.

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