What diseases does seawater cure?

What diseases does seawater cure?
What diseases does seawater cure? Every day more and more people are interested in the use of seawater to improve their health. Many people ask this question and the answer is easy. None. First of all, it could be said that perhaps there are no diseases, but sick people. How is this possible? Let’s take a few examples: Allergy, hypertension, psoriasis, osteoarthritis? In reality, they are not diseases, but rather responses of our immune system that manifest themselves against symptoms caused by external and internal agents or factors. Main causes: poor nutrition, hygiene, lack of exercise, dehydration, excessive smoking, drugs, alcoholic beverages, chemicals, toxins, radiation, etc. So, if we want to answer the initial question of what diseases does seawater cure, we will realize that it is impossible to cure all these types of problems. We must also take into account that each person is different and will react differently to the same agent causing these symptoms. Let’s take an example: if pollen is responsible for allergies, all of us who breathe this pollen should be allergic. However, this is not the case. Some are allergic and others are not. That is why we can say that it is the immune system that is responsible for responding to these external agents.

Does drinking seawater improve health?

But then, does seawater cure something or not? Seawater helps you to strengthen your immune system and it will be your body that will set in motion all the mechanisms to be able to fight. We could say that seawater, properly treated, can help to strengthen the system, to provide micro-nutrients and minerals, while helping to hydrate the body. When your body is in balance, homeostasis is regulated, your immune system is strong and prepared to fight against the aggressions of external agents. We cannot forget that some people’s respiratory problems improve with the sea breeze. The ionization of the air on the sea shores is important for the inhalation of all micro-elements and improves the health of asthmatics. These people are still recommended to walk along the seashore to breathe this beneficial air. Other ways to improve our health are to go to spas and thalassotherapy centers to immerse ourselves in seawater pools, bathe and shower with seawater and also breathe the marine environment. Seawater does not cure any disease, but it improves our body externally by taking advantage of the baths and the sea breeze and internally if we take, orally, small amounts on a regular basis for a few months. Aquon Iso, seawater reduced to isotonia by dilution with natural water, brings you those minerals that your body loses, balancing and improving cellular communication and nutrition.
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