Seawater to drink

Seawater to drink

Seawater to drink! Many people still do not know that seawater is safe to drink. They believe that if they drink it they will end up dehydrated. This would be true if they drank a large quantity and it was collected directly from the beach. Without passing through any filter to clean it of micro-plastics and other microorganisms. Seawater suitable for drinking must go through different preparation processes. This is done so that it can be approved by the health authorities and can be distributed and consumed by humans. As we said in another article, the water in our oceans is quite dirty. Its consumption could cause diarrhea and other health problems.
Seawater to drink

Is seawater safe to drink?

Here we must clarify something important: drinking is not the same as drinking. Although it is true that in some Latin American countries the word “tomar” is used as a synonym for “beber”. However, it is important to clarify that, when consuming seawater, it should be done in small doses. That is to say: take it, a little at a time. Giving the body the margin to assimilate it. There have been well-known cases in which castaways have survived after several days in the ocean. Drinking sea water. The key is not to drink it as if it were mineral water. Seawater is 4 times saltier than our body. Drinking it in large quantities would be toxic to our body. In short: no. Seawater should not be drunk in large quantities. Nor is it necessary. We can consume it without worrying and enjoy its benefits, as long as we drink it in small doses. It is necessary that the water is properly treated, i.e., cold micro-filtered so as not to eliminate the prebiotic elements contained in seawater.

What would be the recommended dose to take?

Here we can differentiate between the recommended daily dose and the adequate quantity for each intake. We propose a dose of 10 milliliters (ml) per intake. In a day, we recommend a consumption of 1 to 4 sticks per day. For example, two sticks of Aquon Hyper on an empty stomach, before starting the day. One stick after lunch and one after dinner. This for people with a leisurely pace of life. For sports people, we recommend a greater use, without abusing. For example, some high-performance athletes who use Aquon regularly. And, although everyone has their own genuine way of taking it, most agree to take 1 stick of Aquon Hyper before starting training and then take one every 45 minutes or so. This way the body recovers all the minerals and electrolytes it loses.
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