Seawater benefits

Seawater benefits
Seawater and the benefits it brings to our body is something that still surprises people. Nowadays we live in a constant hustle and bustle, work, family, food, sports, free time, leisure… Many times we do not take the necessary time to rest. The life we lead, does not offer time to feed ourselves in the best possible way, nor do we have as many hours to take care of our body as it deserves. We would like the day to have more hours to dedicate the necessary time to each part of our life. We know that doing sports and eating healthy helps our system a lot to keep us strong and energetic. What you may not know is the importance of a balance in our organism.

Do you know the benefits of sea water?

When we exercise we sweat and therefore lose water and minerals. What we must do is hydrate ourselves well, but water alone does not provide you with as many minerals as seawater can, in small doses. The benefits of drinking sea water after sweating are the contribution of minerals and 78 electrolytes that are part of its composition. It is much more efficient although it should always be complemented with drinking water and eating well, magic does not exist.

The biggest benefit, taking into account our lifestyle is that by having all the minerals and electrolytes in its composition, your body selects the ones it knows it has lost during the day and recovers them. Unless we are constantly testing ourselves, it is going to be very difficult for us to know which minerals we have lost. To make them up with food, we would need more time to process and figure out what we are missing. If we were to replenish, with supplements, all the minerals we need, we would need a lot of pills. Why not take seawater that provides us with everything? A stick of Aquon Hyper or Aquon Iso restores the loss of electrolytes. You can take 1-4 sticks a day by leaving the seawater in your mouth for a few seconds and then swallowing.

No added sugars

It contains no sugars or additives, it is 100% natural. Believe it or not, it is important to differentiate between the rehydrating products we are used to, which always contain sugar and some electrolytes. In the case of high-performance athletes, choosing this type of product often leads to flatus, cramps and intestinal problems in the middle of the march. Thanks to its natural and toxin-free composition, seawater is an excellent choice when it comes to taking care of our body. Seawater provides the extra health boost you need for optimal performance.
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