Say bye to  dreaded cramps

The most natural mineral recoverer

The hydration your body needs when you play your favourite sport is called: AQUON® SPORT

No added sugars. AQUON® SPORT is the natural choice for the hydration of long-distance sportspeople, triathletes, cyclists, runners, ironman, ultraman…

Our products

Box Aquon Hyper 30 sticks
  • 100% Seawater
  • For your sports activity
  • It contains 78 electrolytes
  • No added sugars or additives
  • Easy to carry
Aquon Iso Box
  • 25% seawater and 75% natural water
  • For your daily life
  • It contains 78 electrolytes
  • No added sugars or additives
  • Easy opening

Hydration and mineralization

No más calambres

No more cramps

It prevents cramps and muscle fatigue. You will notice its effects in a very short time. Its electrolytes are quickly absorbed.

La importancia de la hidratación

Optimal recovery

100% natural mineral recoverer. You will feel all the strength of the sea in your body. All the minerals you need on a single stick.

Easy to carry

Aquon Hyper is the solution in order to remain well hydrated during your workouts and in the events, you participate in.

Why Aquon?

If you practice any kind of sport, you will know how important it is to be well hydrated and have all the electrolytes necessary for our body to function properly. If you only drink water, or sweetened isotonic drinks, you will soon realize that the are not enough to replace all the minerals you are losing and that takes its toll.

Don’t take the risk it! The important thing is to arrive well.

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