Livigno Extreme 2018

One of the most demanding triathlon events in Europe

In this tough test, athletes are subjected to extreme conditions, not suitable for any sportsman or woman. The weather conditions, despite the fact that the event takes place in August, can lead to the withdrawal of many triathletes. A whole year of sacrifices to have to give up because of the weather conditions. These have not been able to overcome David González, a sportsman from Tenerife who, in spite of having participated with an injury to his right shoulder, has been able to reach the finish line and has obtained a classification of 12th place. Out of 102 participants, only 27 reached the finish line.

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No more cramps

I had been looking for a natural product for a long time that could prevent me from getting cramps. I tried many products but they did not meet my needs. At the Blue-Trail in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, I was given some Aquon seawater sticks and when I tried them I couldn’t believe how good they were. Since then I have not stopped drinking them. A real success. I don’t have cramps and above all I don’t feel sick to my stomach. Surely someone will think that with the salt tablets and drinking a little water is enough. I thought so too until I tried Aquon Hyper. It has nothing to do with other products that provide salt. The Aquon hyper stick gives you 78 electrolytes and is absorbed very quickly and recovery times are very short.

Isotonic drinks or sea water?

Isotonic drinks or sea water?

Do you have cramps or dizziness during your hardest training or races?

You’re probably already thinking about your hydration, but many times, natural water and commercial isotonic drinks don’t give us everything we need.

Today we tell you the main difference between isotonic drinks and seawater, read on to discover it. Sports hydration generates many questions and unknowns and every day more and more sportsmen and women are looking for alternatives to traditional supplementation. The world of nutrition is always looking for ways to go further in order to push our body’s capabilities to the limit. In recent years, seawater is positioning itself as the best alternative to traditional isotonic drinks.

Sports isotonic drinks are based on water with sugar, preservatives, colourings and contain no more than 4 or 5 mineral salts.

In our most demanding training or races, as in the case of endurance sports, our body loses a large amount of minerals which, even if we drink a lot of water or take commercial isotonics, we do not manage to balance. This is what can cause us cramps.

Micro-filtered and structured seawater offers up to 78 electrolytes or minerals that the body assimilates immediately, thanks to the particular structure of the water, the origin of the seawater and the cold micro-filtration process. These minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, etc. help us to reduce fatigue and tiredness, contribute to normal psychological function, the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscles, the maintenance of bones and teeth in normal conditions, electrolyte balance, normal energy metabolism, normal protein synthesis and the process of cell division.

In addition, the stick format of our product allows us to carry it with us everywhere without feeling its weight, which makes it the perfect complement to natural water, to keep our body hydrated at all times.

Find out what our consumers say about how seawater helps them in their sporting activities, the vast majority of which are endurance sportspeople (marathon, trail, ultra king, ironman, triathlon…). You can see their comments on our website, social networks or also on Amazon.

What are you waiting for to hydrate your body in a 100% natural way?

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