4 mental tricks to run more

4 mental tricks to run more
4 mental tricks to run more

Running is a mental sport

Running is a mental sport”. We are all crazy! This phrase, which you may have already seen on some runner’s shirt, is meant to be a fun date, but the first part is undoubtedly very true. Like all endurance sports, physical preparation is important, as well as mental preparation, in order to overcome the most difficult moments. Whether it’s running a mountain trail, doing a marathon or simply training, you’ve probably had moments when you thought you could  not take it anymore. In these cases, your body may need a boost of calories or minerals, but at other times it’s your mind that will want to stop you, probably tired from the long periods of activity. For this reason, it is important to train and care for our mind as much as our body. Here are 4 tricks that we have selected after years of contact with endurance athletes, so… let’s get started!

Mental tricks for your workouts

  1. Create your own mantra
Choose a short motivational phrase that really gets you going and repeat it out loud. In situations of tiredness or difficulty, repeat the mantra to keep your thoughts in a positive state and not fall into the delusion of your mind that it might tell you to ‘Stop’. Some examples of positive mantras would be ‘Don’t stop’ or ‘Keep going, you can do it! ,… 2. Think of the people you love most. Thinking about the people we love and the moments we have lived with them gives us strength to keep pushing even harder. Throughout the quarantine we did many ‘live’ shows on Instagram with athletes and many agreed on this point. 3. Count your steps or strides It may seem a bit odd, but this trick can help us to focus our minds on other tasks. Especially when you’re training for long periods of time, this technique will distract your mind from negative thoughts and motivate you to get to a number. We advise you to set yourself goals, such as 1,000, 5,000, etc. 4. Divide your career or training and reach your goals A good strategy to feel motivated is to divide our final goal into small objectives. For example, if our training is 20 km we can set two 10 km targets or four 5 km targets. This way we will have a small goal to achieve until we reach the final goal, which will help us to stay focused and more motivated as we achieve the goals. We hope that some of these tricks can be useful to you to help you achieve better results, knowing how to act when our mind tells us to stop. Remember that, as well as being mentally prepared, you need to maintain good physical preparation, a healthy diet and the right supplements to best cope with your tests. And you, do you have any other mental tricks you use?

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